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Do you want more information about courses or do you need help making the right choice of study? We are there for you!

There are four search options:

Fast search:

An international course directory. Ideal if you already know what to study and just need to locate your course.

Search by sector:

An international course directory focused per sector. For those who know the sector in which they want to study.

Smart search:

An interest profile which lists courses in the order of your interest. If you still hesitate about what to study, tick off the subjects that appeal to you to get your profile.

Choice of Study Test:

A questionnaire which lists courses in the order of your interest. It takes 5 to 10 mintutes to complete the test. An ideal tool for those who have no idea yet what to study!

Be analytical about your result: There are many elements that influence your choice of study.

All 4 entrances automatically link to the websites of colleges which offer the course you are interested in!!

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